Episode 1 – The Start Of A New Day

Welcome to the first edition of The Jazz Cast, hosted by Sean Clark.

This podcast was inspired by my love for Jazz, as a music to work to, and by some great podcasting friends who have produced music podcasts for many years, Peter Clitheroe of Suffolk and Cool, Dave & Caroline Lee of the Bugcast, Rowley Cutler of the Darkcompass and Pete Cogle of the PC Podcast.

So I decided it was time to put my own show together and this is the result.

The Jazz Cast will feature the best of Jazz from around the web, everything from Blues to NuJazz, a mixture of sounds from differing cultures but all with one thing in common, the freeform sound that is Jazz. So pin back your lug holes, as we get foot tapping with The Jazz cast.

This weeks artists:

Triplexity: On Jamendo the track “You Know What I’m Saying (featuring jazz specialist Paolo Pavan)”

Marius Joppich: From the album Emotion Melody vol.3 the track I Love My Saxophones

Anitek: From the album ExtraLocal the track Outlandish

Trece: The track Speakout with vocals from Susana Ruiz

Skabrot: The track “Place where I belong” from the album Neotanzmusik

David Löhstana: With Bossa Jazz from the album Soft & Slow 2

SeReGaMa: The track Get Up and Get Up

All tracks available for free download on Jamendo.

Podcast intro music from SoundCloud and Jeremiah Aaron Rose, a manouche take on Charlie Parker’s original, recorded on his Zoom during a Minpins rehearsal – Billie’s Bounce by The Minpins Band 

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To submit a track please email details to sean@thejazzcast.com or contact Sean on Twitter.